Avoiding A Liability Induced Holiday Party Hangover

While an employer's potential liability for injuries caused by employees who consume alcohol at company holiday functions varies from state to state, possible theories of liability include negligence, respondeat superior( where an employer becomes liable for the actions of his employee while that employee is in the course of employment) and social host or dram [...]

Archie Bradley Makes Teacher’s Dream Come True

Diamondbacks right-hander Archie Bradley picked up a phone, dialed a number and told an Arizona schoolteacher her dream was coming true. It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say Bradley took time out from watching the World Series to participate in a Fiesta Bowl charity event, but that’s only because he says he’s been avoiding baseball’s [...]

One Drink or Ten, Bars Should Protect Their Guests

Did you know that every day in the United States 29 people die from alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes? This astounding figure might make you want to point the finger solely at the drivers; however, the legal reality is that the liability for drunk driving accidents sometimes extends beyond the driver. dram shop phoenix In fact, depending [...]

Child Drownings On The Rise in Arizona

Children between the ages of 1 and 4 in Arizona are drowning at nearly two times the national rate, according to Tiffaney Isaacson, a senior injury prevention specialist at Phoenix Children's Hospital. The awareness month was established 15 years ago by the Phoenix Children's Hospital. child drownings arizona "The common theme is really parenting," Isaacson [...]

Archie Bradley & Negrete Law Firm Participate In Community Give Back

Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher Archie Bradley and the Negrete Law Firm teamed up for a sporting goods giveaway and back pack drive Saturday, September 8th at Dick Sporting Goods in Happy Valley. Over a 100 backpacks were given away to students from Avondale Middle School and there were plenty of smiles to go arounds in [...]

Pedestrian Fatalities Caused by SUVs are Climbing at an Alarming Rate

Small trucks and SUVs have become increasingly more popular in recent years for their higher seating position, their safety profile, and their roomy interior. However, a recent report suggests that SUVs are responsible for the recent spike in pedestrian fatalities across the country. In fact, in 2016 alone, close to 6,000 pedestrians were fatally injured [...]

Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents Have Fatal Consequences

Motorcyclists normally suffer serious injury and grievous wounds from accidents with a passenger or commercial vehicle, but rear-end collisions could kill the biker as he or she flies off the motorcycle. The devastating effects could cause life-altering injuries and extensive property damage for the driver of a motorcycle. When a person driving a motorcycle is [...]

Bipartisan Senate Bill Could Prevent Fatal Underride Crashes

Underride crashes are a horrific type of truck accident. An underride crash occurs when a smaller passenger vehicle is forced underneath the rear or side of a tractor-trailer during a collision (refer to video below for more information). The tops of passenger vehicles can be sheared off and occupants are often decapitated. In 1998, the [...]

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